ABS bump cap AIRC02V03


ABS, polyester, EVA
Other characteristics
standard, EN 812, waterproof, adjustable, single size, ergonomic, lightweight


The 3 cm short visor of the AIR safety cap increases the wearer’s field of view, especially when he is required to look up regularly. With its cut-out shape at the ears, velcro that naturally positions itself below the occipital bone, its wider aeration band and lighter weight, the AIR -3 cm protective cap is ideal for work environments or heat can be binding for users. With its new, more dynamic curves, wide, refreshing side openings, pro-comfort shape cut at the ears, its ability to transfer to the front of the cap and its breathproof, fast-drying anti-sweat band, Surflex has made this cap the most accomplished and efficient anti-heurt cap in its range. Components are selected according to their properties. For example, the VAPOR X anti-sweat band, composed of polyester and a double-sided honeycomb, is known for its absorbent, breathable and fast-drying properties used by some high-level pilots and sportsmen. Composition: – 100% polyester: flexible, stretchy, durable, excellent colour hold, waterproof. – VAPOR X technical fiber anti-transipirant band: Respirability, freshness, and comfort. Double-sided 45% X-Dry® 55% Infinity® Silver PES – 3cm short visor:better visibility, perception of objects at height, good for the back – Comfort shape with more space last ears:the rounded cut at the ear improves the well-being of the wearer, makes the model very adaptable with other PPE and guarantees great stability. – Velcro setting:one-size-fits but easy to adjust on all types of heads. – The full panel at the front of the cap (style 5 panels)allows the marking of your logo by transfer (thermo-glued) or by sale as for other models.

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